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Authentic You Women’s Weekend Workshops

Spend time with our magnificent teachers building confidence and experiencing personal growth

Our weekend programs are a wonderful way to regroup and recharge.  The horses will open a window into personal discovery as you move forward in your life.  Our workshops offer women the power to change, to step into their next stage in life, and to find and become their authentic selves, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Do you struggle with;

  • seeking passion in your personal or work life?

  • trying to be the best mom, friend, sister, wife or person you are longing to be?

  • doubting yourself and your next direction in life?

  • sadness, loneliness, anxiety and depression?

  • occasional or continual self-hate?

  • the burden of emotional pain?

  • finding balance and inner peace?

  • finding your true gifts within so you can move forward with power and confidence?

Horses Will Guide You To Find YOUR Authentic YOU!

With a horse, you must be authentic, because horses can read us and feel our energy. Horses are prey animals and the number one thing they want to feel is safe! It’s when they feel safe and are approached with authenticity (no confusion within) and with your true vulnerable self that they will get you onto the path to knowing you. 

There’s no magic fix – it’s a process. You have to take responsibility for your happiness no matter what place you are at in your life. The first step in understanding yourself is through the power of the horse as their pure honesty helps you to find truth and vulnerability. You don’t have to get rid of the fear or shame – you have to stop keeping it a secret, and they are able without judgement to be able to get you to your true authentic self. 


The Authentic You Workshop runs all day Saturday and Sunday.  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided each day as well as an optional relaxing wine and cheese social Saturday after our session.  If you are from out of town we can recommend accommodations just minutes from our farm. 


We look after and spend money on our outer-selves on a monthly basis so why are we waiting to put money into the insides of us regularly too which will be the overall health benefit.



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Be GUTSY, Be BOLD and get out of your comfort zone as YOU deserve it!  Take the Steps to Make Your Change Now. Your two-day workshop is priced at just $497

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