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Will we be riding the horses?

 In our skill development programs the horses are our teachers and we will be working with them only on the ground and not riding.  We do offer beginner riding lessons separately.

What do I need to bring with me?

Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dusty and dirty.  These experiential learning programs are "hands on" which makes them so much fun.  You must have closed toed shoes or boots.

Do I need horse experience?

Absolutely not! Our gentle horses are wonderful patient teachers.

What if I'm allergic to horses?

Most people with allergies find taking an over the counter allergy medication an hour before coming allows them to enjoy our programs.

How long are the youth program sessions?

Our youth programs are planned to run for approximately 80 minutes each session.

How long are the women's Authentic You sessions?

Our women's weekends are held on a full day Saturday and a full day on Sunday.  If you are from out of town we can recommend local accommodations only a few minutes from us. 

What about the weather?  Are you inside?

Our equine programs run year round.  We will spend a portion of our time in a heated classroom and approximately 40 minutes outside working with the horses.  Please dress in layers to be comfortable during our arena time.  If sessions need to be cancelled because of the weather you will be notified.

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